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Small Wearables ¨C A collection of useful Android Wear watch apps

2014-11-6 10:48:14      Click£º

From the makers of the previously mentioned Pebble App: Pebble Rocker for Android comes a new set of watch apps for Android Wear. SmallRock Software has just released ¡°Small Wearables¡±, a collection of Android Wear watch apps for Android devices.

Small Wearables Small Wearables Small Wearables Small Wearables

The collection currently includes four Wear watch apps: Android Settings, Tasker Task Runner, Tip Calculator, and Phone Pager. Check out the demo video and the lists below for more details about each app.

Android Settings: View & change Android settings from your watch.
- Battery Level: view Android battery level and receive low battery notification on watch (optional).
- Ringtone: view/change state (silent/vibrate/normal) and volume.
- Media Volume: view/change media volume.
- Wi-fi: view wi-fi signal strength and enable/disable wifi.
Cell Signal: view cell signal type and strength (read-only, Android 4.2+, may not be available for some devices).
- Bluetooth: enable/disable bluetooth.

Tasker Task Runner: view and start Tasker tasks from your watch.
- View list of Tasker tasks and run them from your watch.
- Use voice commands to open task list and run tasks by speaking name (¡°Default to Voice Input¡± option must be turned on).
- Enable/disable close app on task run.

Tip Calculator: quickly calculate common tip amounts.
- Easily input amount (without having to talk to your watch in the middle of the restaurant).
- Swipe to see tip and total amounts for 25%, 20%, 15%, and 10% tips.

Phone Pager: use your Wear watch to find your misplaced Android device.
- Ringtone: selectable ringtone and adjustable volume.
- Vibrate: vibrate the phone when being paged.
- Strobe Light: strobes the camera flash when being paged (may not work on older devices).
- Notify on Disconnect: receive notification on watch when your phone is disconnected (optional).