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Catching Up with the Most Interesting Wearable Devices in 2014

2014-8-5 15:19:23      Click£º


These past few years have been great venues for technology and innovation. There was a time when new Smartphone were the only gadgets that can pique the interest of technology savvy consumers. However, thanks to brilliant people coming up with brilliant ideas that were unthinkable a decade ago, techies can now enjoy more than just the Smartphone.

Now, consumers have the opportunity to own any or all recent brilliantly manufactured gadgets. They can enjoy smart phones, tablets, and now wearables. Since its introduction a few years ago, wearable technology has inspired the technology giants of the west like Google and that of the east like Samsung. Of course, other countries are not falling behind when it comes to producing wearable devices. For example, you can see awesome products even from a China wearable devices manufacturer like Oupopo.

These manufacturers have managed to make digital wearable devices smarter than their plain predecessors. Somehow, a gold watch is not good enough anymore. If there is one think you can observe in the modern-day consumers, it is that they want their stuff smart.


Smart watches¡ªtechie people would love to call them. Basically, it is your smartphone crammed into a watch. In fact, Samsung has produced its Galaxy Gear and has already shipped thousands to thrilled consumers. As it turns out, smart watches do not only give you the time, but the weather and temperature as well. What makes it even more like your regular smartphone is you can send and receive text messages and calls through your smart watch. It can also be an excellent companion for health enthusiasts because of its supply of health trackers and monitors. 


Who says eyeglasses are only for visual aids and fashion statements? Google did not think so when it developed Google Glass. There was a big buzz in the tech community when Glass was first introduced. Who does not like the idea of having the functions of a computer in an eye wear? For now, only an elite few have the opportunity to test the device. However, many people hope it will not be long before it can be available to the public too.


Perhaps you are wondering, how can a headset be smart? A wireless, Bluetooth enabled headset can be expected. However, if it can tell you your heart rate, will you consider it as smart then? Certain wearable devices manufacturers like China¡¯s Oupopo have made the idea possible and accessible to the public. in fact Oupopo particularly manufactured a smart headset device called Motion. This has all the advantages of a Bluetooth enabled wireless device and a handy heart rate monitor on the side¡ªa welcome extra for people who have to watch their hearts or their health.


Now, now, is this not intriguing? This gives ¡°swearing smart clothes¡± a completely new meaning. Some people call this performance-monitoring clothing because all kinds of sensors can be in them. One example can be shoes with GPS, specially made for old folks suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia. Another example is a particular type of clothing¡ªspecially made for athletes¡ªthat can monitor a person¡¯s heart rate and physical data. It is great to know that technology innovators never stop in coming up with ideas that can make life easier and more interesting at the same time.